Evaluate the resources, adaptability and agility within your teams.

The Covid19 crisis, its duration, and the resulting measures, present companies with a number of challenges to overcome.

Containment, which everyone experiences differently depending on the conditions, reduces social interactions, and requires many companies to be managed remotely over a long period of time.

This distance makes it difficult to assess the well-being of employees at work, in a context conducive to stress.

However, good management of human resources in this critical period is key in an effective resilience process .

The post-crisis period is being prepared now and the staff will be one of the pillars.

One of the steps in this process is to measure the impact that the current situation is having on your staff, so that you can provide the right answers.

This is what Wellcap was created to do.

Wishing to contribute our contribution in this particular period, we have decided to make the WellCap questionnaire available free of charge to companies or teams with less than 50 employees.

This will allow you to measure the impact of the health crisis , assess the resources, adaptability and agility within your teams.

An analysis and a restitution can also be proposed to you, with avenues of work if you wish, it will be up to you to tell us how far you want to go.

Below you will find the detail .

For more information or if you are interested, contact us on elodie@enneade.lu or by linkedin message or on +352 28 48 74 84.

At your disposal to exchange.

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Dr Denis Lamboley with Wellness Management and the University of Paris Descartes have joined forces to create a tool for assessing the resources of companies during the Covid 19 pandemic.

35 simple questions on an analog scale, 10 minutes of test, to measure the following items:

  • Level of stress and anxiety following the pandemic.
  • Perceived workload.
  • Impact of new working methods generated by the pandemic (teleworking).
  • Personal resources.
  • Social and relational resources.
  • Physical resources.
  • Hope and optimism (factors of resilience).

> Individual, collective, company reports, tailor-made and on-demand segmentation.

> Privacy GDPR and external and encrypted servers.

> Agility barometer and summary reports.

> University validation.