To start, I invite you to take this quick little test by answering Yes or No:

  • Do you feel like you are always running out of time, that you are constantly overwhelmed?
  • Are you going to buy yourself a new item of clothing, a book or a gadget to do yourself some good, without being overwhelmed afterwards?
  • Do you think that there is always something more missing in your life to be finally satisfied, balanced, fulfilled?
  • Do you accept invitations from friends and then regret having to go out when the day comes?
  • Are you disappointed in yourself when you can’t get your phone offline for more than an hour at a time?
  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the many choices, big and small, that you have to make on a daily basis?
  • Do you sometimes feel the need to declutter your life, sort out, lighten up, literally and figuratively?

If you answered yes to at least three of these suggestions, then I have three good news for you:

You are not alone ! There are specific reasons for these feelings. There are many concrete, easy, effective and sustainable solutions.

My goal is to share with you as much information, knowledge, tools and methods as possible to support your personal and professional approach to human development and daily well-being. I like things that are simple, easy, accessible to the greatest number and pragmatic.

I consider that we live in a society of too much, of infobesity, of hyper socialization, of scattering, of dispersion, of overconsumption, of mental, emotional and physical clutter, of always more and of always faster, etc.

Just thinking about it makes my throat tighten, my mind becomes confused, and my physiological stress level instantly rises. The need for widespread accumulation of material possessions, relationships, experiences, social networks, activities, etc. triggers a thirst for an increase in his personal budget , made up of three main resources: time, energy and money.

In this frantic race, many elements, simple and basic, are flown over, apparently having no immediate benefit. Take the time to recharge your batteries. Confront what hurts and what scares. Learn and accept doing nothing as an activity in its own right. Face each other by looking in the mirror without looking away. Make the effort to know yourself in all its darkness and splendor. Be amazed on a daily basis, both in front of a dazzling landscape and in front of a beautiful insignificant detail. Invest in yourself .

Identify and listen to their needs, and respond to them. When was the last time you did one of these activities?

I am convinced that learning to let go of what is too much and superficial in our lives allows us to refocus on what really does us good and lastingly, therefore on the essential .

We are all bogged down in automatic mechanisms that we are not even aware of, because we have been embracing these automatic reactions for so long that they have been assimilated as part of our genuine and deep selves. In reality, they belong rather to our ego, that is to say to our surface personality, the one which protects us and which is made visible to the world.

On my path of personal and professional development, I sought, advanced, stumbled, tried, found and then created many solutions to this strange and deaf discomfort that inhabited me. And that I felt guilty about.

Because overall, my life as a woman was going pretty well, on paper. My approach was to discover that several of the methods that I practice and that I want to teach today overlap in this quest for abundance through relief.

Learning to observe and then overcome your automatic reactions and behaviors means learning to make conscious and fulfilling choices in order to enter into freedom. This is what I call the transition from Ego to Essence .

Looking forward to discussing and sharing with you, feel free to comment or write to me directly!